We at the Guild are happy to provide special offers to our special customers (that's you).  

Here are the current SO's that we're running:

Buy 4 tins of mints for $10 (a $2 savings)

Buy 4 Magnetic Personalities for $20 (a $3.80 savings)

Buy Quotable Notable Cards for $12 (a $3.80 savings)

Buy 4 Sticky Notes for $22.20 (a $3.80 savings)

Buy 3 Little Thinkers for $45 (a $8.85 savings).  NOTE: Musical Little Thinkers cost $2.00 more - you still save $2.95 for each doll purchased but the total cost will be higher than $45.

And of course FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50.00.

You're welcome!