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Discontinued Product Memory Lane: Heaven or Hell Sticky Notes

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

One of our earliest sticky note ideas was the “Heaven or Hell” set. We tried out a few different designs for this and settled on the one below.


One note was a sticky note with a check list of the 7 heavenly virtues, and the other had a check list of the seven deadly sins.

Good for lists of all sort. We discontinued it though because it wasn’t a very big seller. We still like it though – the design is pretty and the concept is funny.

Discontinued Product Memory Lane: The Petition Against Coffee

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

While researching pamphlets from the temperance movement for a potential set of temperance-inspired shot glasses, we came across a 1674 petition against coffee written by the women of London, along with a pro-coffee response by men.  It’s a fascinating document, and probably a piece of satire, indicated by the fact that the two documents were published together. We thought it would make a great coffee mug set.

So we introduced the Women’s Petition Against Coffee and the Men’s Defense of Coffee mugs. We thought they turned out beautifully, and were one of our favorite products. The broadsheet text printed really well, and they made a good pair of “his and her” mugs.

Unfortunately this mug was never a big hit for us, so when we sold out we didn’t reorder them. We still have some at the office though and occasionally drink out of them. There’s one on my desk right now.

Discontinued Product Memory Lane: The Disappearing Descartes Mug

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

One of our earliest heat-changing mugs was the Disappearing Descartes mug.

It started with one of our favorite jokes: “Renee Descartes said ‘I think, therefore I am.’ When asked if he wanted a cup of coffee, he replied ‘I think not.’  He then promptly disappeared.”

Our disappearing Descartes mug featured an image of Descartes along with the statement “I think, therefore I am” on one side of the mug, and again in the original Latin (“Cogito ergo sum”) on the other side.  When hot liquid was added to the mug, Descartes would disappear, and the text would change to “I think not” (or “non cogito” in Latin).

A must for all philosophers, we stopped selling this mug once every philosopher in the world bought one (there aren’t that many of them out there).

Discontinued Product Memory Lane: The Narcissist Mirror

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Back in the days when the Guild made jewelry, it was a natural transition to making small pocket mirrors.  We made a few of them, including the Narcissist Mirror.

This lovely compact featured two mirrors on the inside, and the definition of narcissism on the outside.

Naturally this is a tricky gift item unless your narcissistic friend has an especially well-developed sense of humor.  And it’s the kind of thing you’re not going to buy for yourself.  So it’s been discontinued.

Discontinued Product Memory Lane: The Mooing Cow Pillow

Monday, March 12th, 2012

It’s Animal Month on the PhLog so we decided to go for an animal theme for our installment of Discontinued Product Memory Lane.

Our featured product this time is our Mooing Cow Pillow.

As is name implies, the mooing cow pillow was a fuzzy cow-patterned pillow that emitted a mooing sound when squeezed.  Sales of this pillow flourished for several years in the early 2000’s.  It even had an offshoot — the Mad Cow Pillow, that giggled when squeezed.  Now, only one remains at the UPG office (pictured above).  It no longer moos, so the full effect of the pillow lives on only in our memories.

Discontinued Product Memory Lane: The Shakespeare Slippers

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Shortly after the launch of our top-selling Freudian Slippers, we expanded the line by introducing Shakespeare Slippers.  This cozy footwear is in the likeness of Shakespeare’s head with a cute moustache and goatee.

In addition, the Shakespeare Slippers had a neck cuff which served as a floor duster.  However, due to this the cuff tended to get dingy.  And the collar somehow made the slippers look uncomfortably like severed heads.  And while Freudian Slippers make conceptual sense because of their name, the Shakespeare slippers were a bit of a stretch.  So after a short run we discontinued them.

Discontinued Product Memory Lane

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Way back in another century, in the distant year of 1997, we could be found on the streets of Manhattan selling jewelry, such as the Madonna and Madonna pin.  This was one of our most popular products at the time, hand made by the brothers Shaw.

The Madonna and Madonna pin features the holy woman embracing the popular icon.  Who you assume each of those nominations refers to says a lot about your religion, your musical taste, or both.

This pin, along with our other jewelry, was phased out around in the early 2000’s, as we started mass-producing our work for wholesale.  Naturally we couldn’t make a product like this today; the Virgin Mary’s estate is wildly litigious.